Junior Professor Oliver Scherf-Clavel awarded with the prize for the “Promotion of Drug Quality”

As part of this year’s annual conference of the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG), the prize for the „Promotion of Drug Quality“ was awarded for the first time. This is a joint award by the Frankfurt Foundation Quality of Medicines (FFQM) and the DPhG.

The award winner is junior professor Dr. Oliver Scherf-Clavel, Würzburg, who was honored for his work on the contamination of valsartan and other sartans.

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, this year’s DPhG annual conference and thus the award ceremony on October 1st, 2021 only took place virtually. The certificate was personally presented to Junior Professor Scherf-Clavel in Frankfurt during the ceremony for the presentation of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Professor Josè Guimarães Morais. The event took place in the guest house of the Goethe University, Frauenlobstraße 1 in Frankfurt. Participation was restricted for vaccinated or recovered persons only.

The laudator Professor Dr. Dagmar Fischer, President of the DPhG and member of the board of the FFQM, emphasized the importance of innovative quality criteria for drugs, especially in the areas of generics and biosimilars.

Oliver Scherf-Clavel is a full professor (junior professor) for clinical pharmacy at the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg. He belongs to the working group of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Holzgrabe at the Institute for Pharmacy and Food Chemistry. Here he was awarded the title: „Impurity Profiling of Challenging Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients without Chromophore“ rer nat. PhD. His scientific interest in the identification of quality defects such as drug contamination led him to a postdoctoral stay with Prof. Dr. Fritz Sörgel at the Institute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research (IBMP) in Nuremberg / Heroldsberg. Here he was able to deepen his scientific work. The results have been published in numerous publications.


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