Activities and Projects

In accordance with the purpose and objectives of the foundation, the activities listed below will be promoted and, as far as possible, financially supported:

  • Doctoral and diploma theses or seminar papers at universities which are focused on the optimization of existing quality assurance procedures as well as the development of innovative processes and their implementation in practice
  • Assessment of the therapeutic interchangeability of generic medicinal products containing identical active ingredients, especially through the documentation of bioequivalence
  • Participation in conferences to present own research results on the improvement of drug product quality
  • Comparative studies on the pharmaceutical quality of marketed medicinal products and their therapeutic interchangeability
  • Activities aimed to improve the awareness among politicians and the general public about the importance of the quality of medicines and its current status.

The foundation will also undertake own activities in order to meet its statutory objectives, in particular through:

  • awarding prizes and / or awarding medals for research projects, publications or initiatives to promote the quality of medicines and to demonstrate the interchangeability of generic drug products
  • the organization of seminars, expert meetings or press conferences on specific topics in the field of the quality of medicines

If you would like to apply for funding, please contact us.

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