December 30, 2020

The Foundation in the first year

Founded in December 2019, the foundation was entered in the Hessian foundation directory at the beginning of 2020 and subsequently recognized by the tax authorities as non-profit. This created the basis for the foundation board to begin its specific work.

The first task was to give the foundation a suitable structure and to establish the planned organizational processes. The board of directors was constituted, and a scientific advisory board was appointed. Talks with possible cooperation partners turned out to be very constructive and have already led to successful agreements.

In this way, the best conditions for a committed start to the planned activities of the foundation had been created. However, the restrictions on social and professional life in Germany associated with the rapidly spreading corona pandemic have also affected the Frankfurt Foundation Quality of Medicines with its planned initiatives. As a result, the proposed funding projects have been delayed.

Now we believe – in view of the timely availability of vaccines (a great moment in pharmaceutical and medical research and development!) – with confidence that what has been deferred can soon be made up for.

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